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2. The Law

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Up Next in Bible101—Understanding Old Testament Structure

  • 2. The Law

    When diving into Scripture, there are three questions we should be asking right away: Who was this written to? Who’s the author? And, what is the author trying to convey? Episode two walks through the first five books of the Bible, following the Creation Era to the Exodus Era, and everything in b...

  • 3. Historical Books

    The first 5 Historical Books lend insight into the Hebrews on their path to becoming the chosen people they were meant to be. As a developing nation, we get a glimpse at yet another level of their ever-evolving culture. Remember, these books are one continued story, from entrance to the promised ...

  • 4. History and Prophets

    As the Historical books continue the story of God’s chosen people, we dive into their overlap with the Prophetic Era and, eventually, the Kingdom Era, where Israel divides into two factions of the North and South Kingdom. All throughout, we will see God calling to his people again and again, “Rep...