Blessing: The Path to Peace

Blessing: The Path to Peace

The Bible is a grand narrative of redemption beginning in the Garden, and ending in the City of God. We were all created with a purpose: to love God and be loved by Him, and to model to all the world what this looks like. Join Austin Cagle as he dives into what it means to both be blessed and to be a blessing.

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Blessing: The Path to Peace
  • 1. An Introduction to Baruch

    When the Bible says God is Love, the core image is blessing. But what does it mean to be blessed, and how can we, in turn, also bless God? Join Austin Cagle as he walks through the Hebrew meaning of blessing, the context behind it, and what it means for our lives.

  • 2. The Kings (Stewards/Vassals) of Creation

    God is the source of all humanity’s identity and purpose. The image here is that of two Kings—a Suzerain King, with all authority, bending down to the Vassal King, humanity, to offer a gift. God’s grace and authority given to human hands. He made people stewards over His earth, and from His posit...

  • 3. The Man in the Middle

    While Adam was God’s first steward, or Vassal, it isn’t until hundreds of years after that God reestablishes his covenant with Abraham. God blesses him to be a blessing to the ends of the earth. All people will be blessed through Abraham!

  • 4. Suzerain-Vassal Covenant—Law or Grace?

    In Hebrew culture, Suzerain/Vassal agreements decreed each party was to be given proof of the Covenant. God’s deliverance of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai would have been a Suzerain/Vassal agreement, however God gave Moses both tablets of the Covenant. This speaks to His radical gr...

  • 5. A Messianic Prophecy

    Through the Psalms and Proverbs, we begin to see Israel step into their role within the Messianic Promise. They become the prophets, priests, and kings of God to all nations. This means that Israel is to teach the rest of the world what it looks like to live into God’s design.

  • 6. Law and Grace

    Israel is unable to uphold their role and commitment to God’s Covenant. Enter the prophets: God’s advocates. Prophets point out where Israel has broken their agreement, and what happens as a result. Much of the prophetic writings are written in Messianic Desperation—only a Messiah can come to set...

  • 7. Jesus as a Perfect Vessel

    The mysterious and promised Messiah is God made flesh. He puts on the form of a worshiping supplicant, because no one can make the perfect steward except God himself. Jesus becomes the perfect High Priest, the perfect Prophet, and the perfect and sacrificial King. He will remake all things!

  • 8. Grace and Thanksgiving

    Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law and Prophets, but also shows humanity what it is to flourish: by walking in humility and love. In Ephesians, Paul describes what this looks like for the Church. We need to pour out our gratitude and worship to God for all that He has done. Our lives must be off...

  • 9. The “New” Creation Mandate

    The position of humanity outside of Jesus is cut off from all blessings. Being reconnected to the King through Jesus makes us alive again. In Paul’s letter to the Romans, he gives us a full picture of what our new life should look like as we have the Spirit of God living within us. By the Spirit,...

  • 10. The Final Blessing and the Great Thanksgiving

    The story begins in the Garden but it ends in Revelation in a city: the City of God. The Garden has been made new and transformed into a City wherein God dwells for all eternity. We must live out our lives as models to all creation of what it means to love and be loved by God. We can partner with...