Dwan Hill's Creative Creed

Dwan Hill's Creative Creed

Join Dwan Hill as he explores 12 creative confessions to transform you from stuck and uninspired to free and filled with fresh ideas.

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Dwan Hill's Creative Creed
  • The Creative Creed Trailer

    Join Dwan Hill as he explores 12 creative confessions to transform you from stuck and uninspired to free and filled with fresh ideas.

  • 1 - Introduction

    The Gospel is the most remarkable and imaginative account ever told. Why? Because our God is one of creativity and wonderment. In fact, “creative” is the second trait we learn about Him in Genesis. Join Dwan Hill as he embarks on his Creative Confessions—messages of encouragement to remind the cr...

  • 2 - Confessions 1 & 2

    Creativity is God’s answer to chaos. In the darkness, He called forth light and life. In the beginning, He created. But God is the only one who can create something out of nothing; our response is to create something special out of what He has already given us.

  • 3 - Confessions 3 & 4

    Adam and Eve had everything they could have wanted in the beginning, but when the snake snuck into the garden, it introduced them to doubt—specifically doubts regarding the goodness of God. The ‘creeping thing’ still whispers doubts to God’s created, but we have dominion over the darkness.

  • 4 - Confession 5

    The Gospel is not just about making something better, but making something new. Beginning a life with Jesus washes the slate clean—completely. You don’t need to fix your life. Instead, simply ask Jesus, “create a new heart within me”.

  • 5 - Confessions 6&7

    When you think about beauty, what comes to mind? Art? Music? There is something about creation that inherently connects us to the Divine. Perhaps the very purpose of creativity is to connect God, humanity, and nature. Are you longing to feel the peace and love of God? Pray that he would inspire y...

  • 6 - Confession 8

    There is a day coming when the Prince of Peace will conquer chaos once and for all! Christian art is a prophetic proclamation of this future: that God will make all things new. God is not planning to restart the world, but renew and restore it to its intended beauty. He will return glory to the d...

  • 7 - Confession 9

    The book of Job brings perspective to God’s sovereignty and humanity’s frailty, and how trusting God can bring these two realities together. In his darkest moments, Job expresses his emotions through art and choses to trust God. This is the creation expression we should all be hoping for: to conv...

  • 8 - Confession 10

    If our creative works are more important than our creative character, the glory of God will not happen the way He intends it to. While creation can be hard and creating with others holds its own share of challenges, God will use all of these things together for His good and glory. Bringing order ...

  • 9 - Confessions 11 & 12

    God has invited all of us to the creative process: creativity is not a personality trait, rather it’s how you observe and interact with the world around you. God saw chaos, and His response was to create both beauty and order. This is the calling for which we should all strive: to say ‘yes’ to th...