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4. Kingdom & Israel

Here and Now: The Kingdom of God • 7m 6s

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  • 5. Kingdom & Exile

    When the sin and wickedness of the Israelites send them into exile, the world of God’s chosen people is turned upside down. Yet even in the brutality of destruction, death, and displacement, the Lord has not abandoned His people. Through the prophets, God brings the promise of hope and restoratio...

  • 6. The Rightful King

    After exile, after destruction, after hundreds of years of silence and finally, freedom, the King prophesied for centuries has finally come. And that King is Jesus. This movement to further the Kingdom of God can only be orchestrated by one Person, God himself, turned flesh. It will be through Je...

  • 7. Kingdom Stories

    As Jesus discusses the Kingdom of God with the people of Israel, He engages with them through parables. Storytelling was Jesus’ way of helping His followers to imagine what the kingdom looks like in a personal and poignant way.