Intentional - The Habit of Honoring Others

Intentional - The Habit of Honoring Others

In this study, pastor Dave Stone guides us through the ways in which we can live an intentional life, by loving our neighbors and the strangers we cross paths with every day. What if everybody lived like everybody mattered?

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Intentional - The Habit of Honoring Others
  • 1 - An Introduction

    Pastor Dave Stone kicks off his study on intentional living with a question– what would happen if everybody lived like everybody mattered? This sort of purposeful living takes time and practice, and most importantly, an ear ready to listen to God.

  • 2 - Pray A Prayer

    What would it look like if we truly prayed continually? How might that lead you into sacred moments every day? Whether God uses you to answer someone else’s prayer, or to anonymously lift up strangers passing by, no conversation with the Lord is ever left empty.

  • 3 - Speak A Word

    Being an encourager starts with being observant. Notice the people in your own life who need to be built up—friends, or family members, or co-workers. Jesus was incredibly intentional about this. He knew the power behind speaking life over the people who crossed His path, and did so often.

  • 4 - Make A Touch

    Jesus understood the importance of touch. Throughout the gospels, many healings involved physically reaching out and touching the person in need of help. Physical touch not only connects us on a spiritual level, but also serves as a reminder that every person matters. As Jesus laid hands on the d...

  • 5 - Share A Meal

    Why is it that so much of the Bible takes place over mealtime? Perhaps there’s something about breaking bread together that breaks barriers. The act of sharing a meal brings about conversation, community, and vulnerability. So often, Jesus took the time to eat with the “least of these,” as some w...

  • 6 - Give A Gift

    Christians are called to be generous. Love is shown through the giving of money, gifts, and time. It’s a pivotal part of gospel. There are people in need all around us. You are only limited by your creativity. The first step is to simply start looking.

  • 7 - Learn A Name

    When is the last time you’ve learned someone’s name? That sort of intentionality, while seemingly so small, makes a huge difference. Lots of people struggle to learn names, but like any other muscle, the more you work to remember, the easier it gets.

  • 8 - Lighten A Load

    Impossible things become possible when people come alongside one another to help share the load. Loving people doesn’t always look like going somewhere far away; often, it looks like honoring others every day in small ways.

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