Let's Grab Coffee

Let's Grab Coffee

In this series, Curtis Zackery meets with new friends and old to talk about both the goodness of God and coffee.

Let's Grab Coffee
  • A Conversation with Ryan Lampa

    After spending years in the music industry, Ryan realized the Lord was calling him to do something else entirely—to feed the hungry. CZ and Ryan discuss learning to walk the path the Lord has set before them, and how to have a heart that echoes His own.

  • A Conversation with Jonathan Pitts

    While trusting God in all aspects of life can be incredibly beautiful, it can also be unimaginably hard. How can we know that God is good when it feels like our lives are crumbling around us? Jonathan shares his testimony of losing his wife, raising a family, and pastoring a church.

  • A Conversation with Flavius Mois

    CZ and his friend, Flavius, grab coffee and chat about life in Transylvania, his family, his relationship with Jesus, and the unexpected ways that we can practice ministry in any vocation. Flavius also shares the ways in which God has been faithful throughout his life when he lived in Transylvani...

  • A Conversation with Charlie Peters

    Fear a pervasive force, but through God it is possible to be set free from its hold. In this episode, Charlie Peters shares his story of his radical salvation, his liberation from fear, and his new start in Nashville after hearing God call him to move. He and CZ recall the unexpected way in which...

  • A Conversation with Suzie Lind

    Oftentimes, the places we end up are not the places we expected. In this episode, Suzie tells the story of growing up as a Muslim, meeting Jesus, and eventually going on to not only pastor a Church but also sway the tide of conversation about women in Ministry.

  • A Conversation with Marcus Rixon

    Curtis Zackery grabs coffee with Marcus Rixon, a man from Calcutta, India. Marcus shares the story of his faith, how the Lord brought him from extreme poverty in India to a new life in Nashville, and so much in between. God is sovereign and Marcus’ testimony is proof. How have you seen God moving...