Mountains Worth Climbing

Mountains Worth Climbing

There are 12 Mountains in the Bible, and each of them holds a very specific meaning and application. In this series, Matt Reagan unpacks each mountain, what it means for our lives, and how we can take steps towards God’s promises for us.

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Mountains Worth Climbing
  • 1 - Mountain of Salvation

    When the valley of life leads to sin, sometimes the only thing to do is to trust God enough for him to guide you into the next right step. For Noah, it meant building a boat. How is God inviting you to trust Him today?

  • 2 - Mountain of Grace

    God tested Abraham in a mighty way when He asked for Isaac, Abraham’s son, as a sacrifice. The valley cannot possibly feel any lower than this. But there is good news—it’s by grace that God would send His own Son to take Isaac’s place…and ours.

  • 3 - Mountain of Truth

    Sometimes, the Ten Commandments seem awfully hard to uphold, don’t they? It begs the question: why would God ask so much of His people? By living into God’s Truth, with the help of His Spirit, we can step into the invitation of God’s Heart for our future.

  • 4 - Mountain of Promise

    God’s promises are different than any single other promise because God has never made one that He has not kept. If God said it, He will do it. The best way out of the valley of anxiety is to hold fast to the promises God has spoken over our lives and our futures.

  • 5 - Mountain of Presence

    In the Old Testament days, coming into the Presence of God required a specific process of sacrifice and sanctification. But Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and changed how we can approach God. He tore the veil separating us from God’s Presence when His blood was spilled on the cross. Now, He dwe...

  • 6 - Mountain of Power

    Have you ever found yourself in a drought? Maybe you’re financially in need. Maybe your family is broken. Difficulties in life are a result of the brokenness in this world. Sometimes it’s our own brokenness, or other’s, or even just the world having fallen from its original intent. But regardless...

  • 7 - Mountain of Encouragement

    There comes a moment for all of us when the discouragement just piles up when we just need God to enter in and make Himself known. Sometimes, the discouragement feels as though it will consume us. But God will bring life into our situations and speak encouragement over us. He sees us in our troub...

  • 8 - Mountain of Revelation

    In a time when so many people have questions about the nature of God, whether or not He is good and kind, what we need is a fresh revelation of who Jesus is. Jesus is so good and so kind, and to sin went against His very nature. If you’re stuck in a valley of confusion, Jesus invites you to lift ...

  • 9 - Mountain of Authority

    Have you ever felt as though God was asking you to do something that you didn’t have the authority or the experience to do? It can be a daunting moment, but we were made for so much more than the valley of inadequacy. The way to live into the Authority we were made for is to get to know Jesus. Je...

  • 10 - Mountain of Purpose

    So many of us get stuck in the valley of waiting when God has called us to a clear mountain: the Mountain of Purpose. Too often in our Americanized mindsets, we consider calling to be a unique and individual task. And, it can be. However we are called into a body of believers. It is only through ...

  • 11 - Mountain of Blessing

    The valley of limitations will try to keep you from your calling. It will tell you that you don’t have what you need to succeed on the path set before you. This is when the Lord calls you into a place of Blessing. He wants to remind you who you are, how much you’re loved, and that in Him, you hav...

  • 12 - Mountain of Eternity

    There is going to be a day where there is no more sickness, pain, or hunger–-but instead only fullness of beauty and life. This richness of what Eternity will be is enough to pull us from the valley of the moment, whether that moment is hard, or lonely, or just kind of stagnant. What we need is a...