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3 - Phillipi

Nobody Liked Paul • 19m

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  • 4 - Ephesus

    While in Ephesus, the people would have likely considered Paul to be a strange sort of magician. With his signs, wonders and healings, all presented through the power of Jesus, Paul would have not only disrupted the rhythms of everyday life, but also presented a threat to their goddess, Artemis.

  • 5 - Corinth

    The context of where Paul teaches shapes the style of his message delivery. In the ancient world, freed slaves would become metaphorical slaves to deities. Paul, in saying he was a slave to Christ, is actually insinuating that he found freedom in his conversion to Jesus. Understanding the culture...

  • 6 - Cenchrae

    Without funds and support, travel is incredibly expensive and difficult in the ancient world. Somewhere along his ministry, Paul met Phoebe, a wealthy and influential woman from Cenchrea who became his patron, funding much of his journey. Though Paul had many enemies and adversaries, even within ...