Not a Fan

Not a Fan

Follow the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading a triple life. When confronted with a near death experience, Eric embarks on a spiritual journey that transforms his commitment to Jesus and tests the faith of his friends and family with teaching from Kyle Idleman.

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Themes: Commitment, Follower, Redemptive, Transformation, Jesus, Challenge

Produced by City on a Hill Studio

Not a Fan
  • 1. Fan or Follower

    Eric Nelson collapses. Family and friends desperately try to revive him. At a football stadium across town, Pastor Kyle Idleman receives news of Eric’s heart attack. Kyle rushes to the hospital, arriving as Eric’s family is given the devastating news and makes the painful decision to let Eric go....

  • 2. Follow Me

    As Gary examines his own life in the wake of Eric’s death; he recalls their days of pleasure-seeking rebellion. Driven to the brink by a demanding job and an imploding marriage, Eric collapses in Gary’s apartment from a non-fatal heart attack. Convinced he’s received a divine wake-up call that mu...

  • 3. What Must I Do?

    From his high-rise office, Darren reflects on Eric’s transformation from cutthroat businessman to compassionate Christ-follower. Darren’s Christian convictions are initially rattled by Eric’s business ethic, but, as Eric coldly explains, “This isn’t church. It’s business.” By the time Eric has a ...

  • 4. Bury the Dead

    Anna remembers life after Eric recommitted to their marriage and began to take his faith seriously. She quickly finds herself disturbed at how seriously – and stubbornly resists his attempts to scale back their extravagant lifestyle for the sake of helping the less fortunate. After Eric’s ethical...

  • 5. Dead Men's Bones

    Bill disapproves of Eric’s new job and his misguided attempts to help “those people” at the expense of providing for his own family. Bill takes particular issue with Lily, a pregnant teenager who has moved in with the Nelsons. Eric’s sister, Kim, suffers a miscarriage and is further devastated wh...

  • 6. Decision Time

    As Natalie prepares for her father’s funeral, she remembers serving with him at his new job-a homeless shelter. When she grows increasingly resentful at the work and the ingratitude of a belligerent young female resident, Eric makes the painful decision to bar Natalie from volunteering. Natalie d...

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