Renewal | The Path To Recovery

Renewal | The Path To Recovery

Ashley Abercrombie, a faith-led writer and speaker leads us in a study about Recovery and Renewal. What does it mean to step into God’s plan over your life? How can forgiveness set you free? And, how does being a friend to others bring you closer to God? Join in on the conversation!

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Renewal | The Path To Recovery
  • 1 - The Power of a Story

    Things kept in the darkness stay in the darkness, but when brought into the light, somehow seem to lose their sting. There’s a power that comes in sharing parts of yourself with trusted people. Somehow, when the hidden parts of ourselves are said aloud, they hold less power over us. Even crazier,...

  • 2 - Renewal Starts With Reality

    Pretending that everything in life is fine is an art form. It’s also a dangerous trap. When everything is not fine, we must face reality. To allow healing in our lives, we must be open to confrontation and change, and be humble enough to make amends. Renewal begins with reality.

  • 3 - My Other Favorite F-Word

    We live in a world that is fundamentally broken; forgiveness stitches the broken parts of ourselves back together again. While it is not a permission slip for bad behavior, it is a necessary reminder that we need not be perfect to be loved and redeemed.

  • 4 - Wrap Around Support

    One of the beautiful things about Jesus’ healing ministry is that He knows our specific needs and meets us right where we are. We experience His renewal through personal encounters with the Divine, but also through the people in our lives who surround us and care for us even at our lowest.

  • 5 - Boundaries and Expectations

    It’s important to set boundaries—to keep hopes high, and expectations low. Are there some people who have access to your whole home that might be better as “front porch friends?” Setting these boundaries can be difficult but remember, while we carry one another’s burdens, we must all still do our...

  • 6 - Becoming a Safe Person

    Safe relationships draw us closer to God, closer to others, and help us to become the person God intended us to be. Do you have friendships in your life that push you into those areas? Are you the kind of friend that helps others into those places as well?

  • 7 - The Spiritual Practice of Lament

    Stories and songs of lament in the Bible make room for our own emotions, recovery, and grief. Practicing lament in our own lives allows us to truly feel the deeper avenues of what it means to be human. Some emotions, even the hardest ones, give us no choice but to feel. The good news is, the Bibl...

  • 8 - Healed People Heal People

    Love of God leads to love of others, and love of self. When we draw nearer to God, when we repent, when we make amends, when we surround ourselves with a community of believers, we heal the broken parts of our own selves, but also, the brokenness of people around us.