Seven Signs From John

Seven Signs From John

The Apostle John tells the story of Jesus through His 7 signs and wonders. But these are not just stories to amaze, rather clues to help us consider the person and the work of Jesus Christ. Each sign that Jesus completes will give us a greater understanding of the way in which we should see Him.

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Seven Signs From John
  • 1 - Wine at Cana

    Running out of wine in New Testament times meant a great deal more than we can imagine through our 21st century lenses. It meant real and lasting shame falling upon the entire wedding family. When Jesus turns water into fine wine, He not only protects the family from shame, but lifts them up as t...

  • 2 - The Healing of an Official's Son

    Jesus’ second sign in the book of John is the healing of an official’s son. In this healing, however, Jesus’ heals from a distance, with the power of His words. His healing serves as a reminder: every word spoken by the Lord has power. He rules and reigns by the words of His mouth.

  • 3 - Healing at the Pool on the Sabbath

    When Jesus heals the lame man at the pool of Bethesda, on the Sabbath, He’s doing more than another miraculous healing. Jesus is declaring His final authority on the interpretation of Scripture. And, by doing so, Jesus is declaring His final authority on everything.

  • 4 - Feeding the Multitude

    Have you ever considered how much of the Bible takes place around food? So much of Jesus’ ministry takes place around meal scenes. The feeding of the 5000 follows suit not only paralleling other stories in Scripture, but also assuring his audience that He will provide for their needs. Jesus is th...

  • 5 - Jesus Walks on Water

    In the ancient world, water was a wildly uncontrollable source of chaos. In walking on the waves, Jesus is exercising His control over that chaos. And yet, the Disciples still see Him and feel afraid. In that moment, they know nothing can ever be the same again.

  • 6 - A Man Born Blind

    In Jesus’ 6th miracle, a blind man’s sight is restored. As His eyes begin to see more and more clearly, He too begins to understand that He was healed by the Son of God. Just as the man learned to see with new eyes, so too can we when the Lord reveals His Word and His Truth to us. At first, it ma...

  • 7 - The Resurrection and the Life

    Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, but although He restores Lazarus’s life, first even Jesus feels the sting and pain of loss in this world. Jesus draws near to us in every place of pain and grief because He understands it, too. But take heart—there is a day coming when Jesus will return, tr...

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