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2. Accountability Matters

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1. The Chase

7 Pillars: Living & Leadership • 6m 27s

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  • 2. Accountability Matters

    There’s a Harvard study that was done a few years back which found that we become an average of the three people we spend the most time around. This raises some serious questions about who we spend our time with—are we surrounding ourselves with people who challenge us and make us better? Or, are...

  • 3 - Your Worldview

    Whether or not we’ve spent much time considering this, we all have a worldview—a lens that shapes the way we see the world and walk around in it. Lots of things can shape this lens: higher education, media, messages received from those around us, or those we wish were. But ultimately, our worldvi...

  • 4 - Cultivate Gratitude

    It’s difficult to not become entitled in this life. But, entitlement is the opposite of gratitude, and gratitude cultivates joy. We can’t choose how this life plays out, who we were born to, or much of what we experience in our walk through this earth. However, we can choose to put on a spirit of...