At The Table: Revival

At The Table: Revival

What is revival? Join John Bevere, Andy Erwin, Dr. Suzanne Nicholson, Mason Tanner, and Curtis Zackery as they discuss their perspectives, testimonies, and understandings of revival.

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At The Table: Revival
  • What is Revival?

    We kick off our conversation by defining the revival movement while also considering revivals of the past. What does revival really mean? How can the church find itself in a place of revival, and what is the Spirit’s role in bringing it about?

  • Scripture as a Guide

    Scripture is the guiding post for a life well lived and the basis for our revival discussion. Revival is all throughout the Bible. When examined, we discover the cyclical nature of divine movements. Repentance brings about a cleansing, which leads to empowerment by God. It all ultimately culminat...

  • Historical Revival Moments

    The thing about revival is that it often comes from unexpected beginnings. God uses hopeless situations to reveal His all encompassing love and glory. In the 70’s, it was hippies—young people strung out on drugs and desperately needing to be loved—who were often pushed to the side by the religiou...

  • The Gentle Spirit of Revival

    Most who witnessed the Asbury revival will tell you the same thing: the presence of God brought a sense of sweet peace and restoration. Isn’t it so fitting in a generation burdened by anxiety and depression, that when the Lord shows up, He does so with a gentle Spirit? In our continued round tabl...

  • The Future of Revival

    It’s not a mistake that revival so often begins with young people. God wants to heal generational relationships after all and the trajectory of revival is transformation. Perhaps Asbury was the sprinkle of rain before the flood of restoration over this land. Perhaps the goal is to live life every...