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2. And God Said

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1. In the Beginning

Powerful and Kind: A Study of Genesis 1-3 • 9m 25s

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  • 2. And God Said

    While other Creation stories passed down from generation to generation were meant to instill fear of angry and unpleasable, warring gods, Genesis 1 reads like a poem. It’s filled with love and the hope of God Who is well pleased with His Creation. The God of Genesis is all powerful, simply speaki...

  • 3. Let Us Make Man

    Human beings are God’s highest creative achievement, but how often do we forget to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of the people around us? Knowing that the Bible invites us to notice and to cherish one another should change the way we interact with not only those closest to us, but also...

  • 4. The Imago Dei

    Knowing that people were created in the Image of God should affect how we exist in the world around us in all aspects of our lives. We were created to have a relationship with one another, just as God, a Trinity, is a direct symbol of community. We were created to discern and find meaning, and to...