The Christmas Experience

The Christmas Experience

Join Kyle Idleman as he examines the Christmas story in detail, emphasizing how God chose each individual in the Christmas story for a specific purpose.

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Themes: Christmas, Birth of Christ, Messiah, Meaning, Purpose, Mary, Joseph, Immanuel, King

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The Christmas Experience
  • 1. At Just the Right Time

    The arrival of Immanuel was a miracle surrounded by miracles. Prophesies from the very beginning of time pointed to the event. Political events were timed to create the perfect window for Christ's ministry. Cultural perceptions were primed to reveal Christ for who he was. Into this perfectly craf...

  • 2. Favored One

    As Mary embraces the will of God for her life, what can we learn about how to find favor with God? As we see the pain that is laid before this "favored one", what can we discover about what God has in store for those who serve him wholeheartedly?

  • 3. Faithful One

    He could have chosen disbelief, but he chose faith. He could taken the easy path, but he took on the scorn of his community, took one of God's most favored as his wife, and took Immanuel as his son. Joseph is often a forgotten figure in the story of Jesus, but in his selfless faithfulness, we see...

  • 4. This is God's Plan?

    The circumstances of Christ's birth have been softened by the passage of time, but for Mary and Joseph, they were a real test. Abject poverty? Scandal? Political upheavel? A torturous 100-mile journey across treacherous terrain, at the height of her pregnancy? Not even a room at the inn!

  • 5. Immanuel

    A tiny baby, lying in a feeding trough, wrapped rags by his exhausted parents, attended by a tattered crew of sheep herders. Not much to see - if you're looking with the eyes of man. But look with the eyes of God, and you see a supernatural celebration beyond the scope of human imagining, focused...

  • 6. Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

    As a 2-year old Jesus toddled through the streets of Nazareth, he and his parents receive an exceptional entourage of guests - wise men from a distant country, bearing gifts of great significance. Gold, a gift for a king. Frankincense, the incense of a priest. Both of these would have thrilled Ma...

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