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3. Faithful One

The Christmas Experience • 24m

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  • 4. This is God's Plan?

    The circumstances of Christ's birth have been softened by the passage of time, but for Mary and Joseph, they were a real test. Abject poverty? Scandal? Political upheavel? A torturous 100-mile journey across treacherous terrain, at the height of her pregnancy? Not even a room at the inn!

  • 5. Immanuel

    A tiny baby, lying in a feeding trough, wrapped rags by his exhausted parents, attended by a tattered crew of sheep herders. Not much to see - if you're looking with the eyes of man. But look with the eyes of God, and you see a supernatural celebration beyond the scope of human imagining, focused...

  • 6. Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh

    As a 2-year old Jesus toddled through the streets of Nazareth, he and his parents receive an exceptional entourage of guests - wise men from a distant country, bearing gifts of great significance. Gold, a gift for a king. Frankincense, the incense of a priest. Both of these would have thrilled Ma...