• Nurturing Your New Nature

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    Meeting Jesus changes everything; it will require growth and endurance to be filled with the Spirit and run the race you’re called to run. Dr. René Rochester walks through the acronym N.E.W. N.U.R.T.U.R.E in her series, Nurturing your New Nature.

  • You Are a Soul

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    In the modern world, we have developed a skewed view of what it means to have a soul. In the original Hebrew, soul was often translated as ‘Nephesh,’ but this word more accurately means ‘a holistic representation of a complete person.’ What does it mean if we’ve been viewing souls wrong? What if ...

  • Unsung Hero Bible Study

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    If we fully grasp what is being suggested by Jesus in His time on Earth—so much about how we interact with other people will need to change. Join Pastor Matt Smallbone as he considers what it means to be an “Unsung Hero” and how to live out Jesus’ calling in the way we treat those around us.

  • Renewal | The Path To Recovery

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    Ashley Abercrombie, a faith-led writer and speaker leads us in a study about Recovery and Renewal. What does it mean to step into God’s plan over your life? How can forgiveness set you free? And, how does being a friend to others bring you closer to God? Join in on the conversation!

  • Seven Signs From John

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    The Apostle John tells the story of Jesus through His 7 signs and wonders. But these are not just stories to amaze, rather clues to help us consider the person and the work of Jesus Christ. Each sign that Jesus completes will give us a greater understanding of the way in which we should see Him.

  • Mountains Worth Climbing

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    There are 12 Mountains in the Bible, and each of them holds a very specific meaning and application. In this series, Matt Reagan unpacks each mountain, what it means for our lives, and how we can take steps towards God’s promises for us.

  • At the Table: Community

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    We can understand community through the very nature of our triune God—three in one. How important, then, must community be for His creation, made in His perfect Image? Join our roundtable discussion as Rachel Shaver, Dwan Hill, Austin Cagle, and Dave Stone consider what living in community can lo...

  • Nobody Liked Paul

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    Who was the apostle Paul? How did he live, travel, and interact with the world around him? Most importantly, how should this shape our understanding of his ministry? Join historian Matthew Larsen as he immerses himself in the very places Paul would have walked and taught in the ancient world.

  • Intentional - The Habit of Honoring Others

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    In this study, pastor Dave Stone guides us through the ways in which we can live an intentional life, by loving our neighbors and the strangers we cross paths with every day. What if everybody lived like everybody mattered?

  • Reset
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    In this world of endless movement and escapeless worry, burnout feels inevitable. How can anyone truly be at peace with themselves and with God when life goes hard at 100 miles an hour? Moreover, how can people practice spiritual disciplines for the Christian life when life moves so fast? In this...

  • Everything Made Beautiful

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    Life comes in seasons. Seasons of grief, of excitement, of new life and of death—and everything in between. In Ecclesiastes 3, the Lord promises to make all things beautiful in their time. How do we navigate these seasons of life? How do we know God’s sovereignty despite the world around us? And,...

  • A Conversation with Ryan Lampa

    After spending years in the music industry, Ryan realized the Lord was calling him to do something else entirely—to feed the hungry. CZ and Ryan discuss learning to walk the path the Lord has set before them, and how to have a heart that echoes His own.

  • 7 Pillars: Living & Leadership

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    What do we worship? What do we want to become? And what is our defense in this life? In the series, 7 Pillars: Living and Leadership, Adam Donyes shows us how to set our minds on eternal things so that we may live the life the Lord has intended for us, step into our calling, and stand strong in t...

  • Bible101—Understanding Old Testament Structure

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    The Old Testament can be a very intimidating study. Often, it feels so much easier to flip to Matthew or Ephesians—something approachable and fairly straightforward. But how can we really understand the context of the New Testament without understanding how we got there in the first place? In Bib...

  • Blessing: The Path to Peace

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    The Bible is a grand narrative of redemption beginning in the Garden, and ending in the City of God. We were all created with a purpose: to love God and be loved by Him, and to model to all the world what this looks like. Join Austin Cagle as he dives into what it means to both be blessed and to ...

  • At The Table: Revival

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    What is revival? Join John Bevere, Andy Erwin, Dr. Suzanne Nicholson, Mason Tanner, and Curtis Zackery as they discuss their perspectives, testimonies, and understandings of revival.

  • Make Ready for Christmas - Part 2

    As Randall and friends prepare for Christmas, Maggie decides to expand the annual Sing-Along into a full-blown Christmas Eve pageant spectacular! Randall introduces everyone to the season of Advent, and Doug discovers something mysterious going on when chocolate chips go missing. Neighbor Scott H...

  • A Conversation with Jonathan Pitts

    While trusting God in all aspects of life can be incredibly beautiful, it can also be unimaginably hard. How can we know that God is good when it feels like our lives are crumbling around us? Jonathan shares his testimony of losing his wife, raising a family, and pastoring a church.

  • Let's Grab Coffee

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    In this series, Curtis Zackery meets with new friends and old to talk about both the goodness of God and coffee.

  • Powerful and Kind: A Study of Genesis 1-3

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    Join Joel Busby as he dives into the first 3 chapters of Genesis—what the Creation story really means and how it sets up all the rest of Scripture.

  • Here and Now: The Kingdom of God

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    The Kingdom of God is more than an end of life destination. The Kingdom of God is as much on earth as it is in heaven—or at least, it can be. Join Petey Crowder as he leads us through a series considering what the Kingdom of God really looks like, and how you can be a part of it.